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Our facial treatments

The face is the mirror of the soul. That's why our intensive care treatments for the face, throat and neckline primarily target your wellbeing. At the beginning of every treatment, we'll analyse your skin type so as to make sure your face receives exactly the treatment it needs.


Our salon specialises in the following facial treatments:

  • foundation treatment (cleansing, daily care)
  • wellbeing treatment (cleansing, massage, daily care)
  • luxury treatment (cleansing, massage, firming)
  • non surgical facelift
  • wedding make-up
  • day or evening make-up
  • eyelash perming


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Body Ultimate Facial Toning System

Using both faradic and galvanic micro-current, enabling the therapist to stimulate muscle fibres to achieve a toning effect and improve the surface skin texture. The current is used at an intensity to bring maximum results in minimal time with no discomfort, ensuring a beneficial, effective long term treatment programme.


Designed to achieve facial toning by stimulating nerve endings to improve tone in the muscle tissue. When using the galvanic micro-current alone it improves the circulation to both the skin and the muscle cells, improving the surface skin appearance. The dual output alternates between faradic and galvanic micro-current, achieving both facial toning and improved circulation. The probes are systematically moved from facial point to facial point, gently lifting and toning the 12 essential zones of the face.


Benefits from this Facial Toning System treatment are Skin Enhancing, Improved Skin Tone, Reduced Crows Feet, Lifts & Tones Facial Muscles, and Smooth’s Fine Lines & Wrinkles.


Single treatment Duration: 40 minutes   Price: £24.00


Course of Ten:   Price: £200.00


A complete indulgence that restores natural radiance and youthful vitality. Relax as your skin is gently cleansed and toned before a mineral-rich mask is applied. The soothing warmth of the facial mask ensures the infusion of vitamins and minerals into the deeper layers of the skin. This facial restores elasticity, leaving the skin smooth, refreshed and glowing.


Duration: 50 minutes    Price: £30.00


TH. Hot Stone

Stone Therapy Massage works in harmony with the body using various massage techniques with warm/cold stones, to promote a sense of balance and well-being. This unique therapy uses stones that are formed from volcanic origin is extremely effective due to the stones thermal and energy conductive effects. The application of hands in conjunction with these unique stones produces intensified contact and directs energy to areas of blockage and tension.


Duration: 30 minutes    Price: £30.00

Collagen or Thermal

Optimise Collagen Mask


Super Collagen Masks contain top quality 90% collagen with amino acids and hydroxyproline known for its wound healing properties. Your face will be cleansed exfoliated and the mask applied for great results.


Benefits Include:

  • Visible increase in the smoothness of the skin
  • Improves moisture retention and elasticity of the skin
  • Increased hydration
  • Fast remoisturising effect with long lasting results


Duration: 45 - 50 minutes  Price: £30.00

Optimise Thermal Mask (A mini facelift without surgery)


The thermal effect of this mask stimulates circulation. In the natural plaster substanceof the mask the exact amount of minerals and crystalshave been incorporated to generate a thermal effect. It is the special and gradual heat development of this which stimulates the blood circulation. As a result creams are better absorbed and can penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin. At the same time dead cells will be removed on removal of the mask. Due to the gradual hardening the thermal mineral mask perfectly matches the underlying skin.


Duration: 45 - 50 minutes  Price: £30.00

Mini Facial

Following an accurate skin analysis your face will be cleansed prior to the massage. Essential oils or creams will be massaged into your skin before being removed using a skin toner. To complete this treatment a moisturiser will be applied leaving your skin nourished and glowing.


Duration: 30 minutes  Price: £15.00

Deep Cleanse

As with the mini facial an accurate skin analysis will be carried out and the skin cleansed using cleansing milk, lotion, cream or facial scrub. A relaxing face, neck and shoulders massage will be carried out. Depending on your skin type an appropriate facial mask will be applied which will then be removed using facial toner. If a cream nourishing mask has been applied this will be massaged into the skin. A moisturiser is then applied leaving your skin feeling healthy and nourished.


Benefits of this treatment are 

  • Feeling of relaxation
  • nourished skin
  • improved skin texture
  • improved muscle tone
  • improved cellular regeneration


Duration: 45 minutes Price:  From £20.00


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